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Our services are positioned to help startups across the globe scale for growth.
All our services support your vision and your organizational goals. We won’t let your idea sit in your head. Instead, we validate and help to execute it in the real world.
We assist you to make appropriate strategic decisions in making your vision come to life. In a nut-shell, we offer to incubate your idea in all stages.

IT Resource Outsourcing

Your business is cost effective and highly productive by out-sourcing your IT needs. Needless to mention a wide range of advantages of out-sourcing to us in India, get access to highly educated and experienced professionals with varied skill sets all at a startup friendly pricing.
We are an ‘Innovative Startup’ (Recognized by Govt. of India) providing services to global businesses.

IT Resource Outsourcing

Our talent pool is literally inexhaustible. We guarantee talented IT Manpower assets in the areas of Help Desk, IT Support, Data-focus Administration, Network and Telecom Administration, Information Security Management, Database Administration, Oracle, .Net, SharePoint, Web Technologies and Mobile Apps development.

  • Inexhaustible Talent Pool
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Consistent High Quality Service
  • Assured Data Security
  • Stable Government Laws
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Our consolidated average IT experience is over a decade. Get access to a pool of skilled IT manpower available to take on your project with high standards where performance and timely delivery of services is guaranteed. With us, your top management only focuses on building core strategies for your company growth.

Increase your productivity by 200% while reducing your operational costs by over 60%.
Our cost to employ a skilled IT Engineer could be as low as USD 8/hour.

India advances to new heights in innovation and technology. Numerous policies are framed by the Govt. of India to obtain maximum benefits from IT outsourcing to India. Providing tax-holidays to recognized startups like ours enables us to extend this benefit to our business partners. Some of the best IT tech parks in the world overflowing with cultural diversity are located here.



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