Most Popular Features

Popular Business Management Software features merged into ONE!

B2B - Client relationship management

Building trust among your clients is crutial for sustainability. Enable your clients with real-time insights of status/progress, invoices and dues.

Project management

Create unlimited projects per each client and unlimited tasks within each project. View, analyze and get insights on all projects in one glance.

office communication

Enable real-time communication within your team members. Your cross functional teams are well connected with seamless information transfer.


Basic accounting needs of your organization are well addressed. Keep a track of all your expenses and income, compare income Vs expenditure periodically which helps plan your finances.

Business invoicing

Generate professional invoices and be proud to share it with your clients/customers. You will never have to followup for your payments with your clients with our special feature.

Employee/HR management

Manage all employee personal & professional information, Provide login credentials to manage employee centric operations like raising tickets, applying leaves, filling timesheets etc.,

Enterprise resource planning

Planning your resources effeciently with gantt charts is now easy. Get insights and categorise work into milestones and resources used per unit of work.

Corporate performance management

Our tool helps you to draw conclusions on performance of each employee based on no.of projects the employee is involved, average time spent on tasks/project etc.,

Some Features that Made us Unique

Access all business critical features in a single platform!

clients, partners & vendors

Manage clients, partners, and vendors at one place - Have them review and sign contracts online, Track time and bill for completed work accurately.
Powerful ticketing system to deliver stellar customer support.

Project and Task Management

Plan and track work with unlimited projects.
File storage and document sharing.
Gantt charts to keep your projects on track

Resource management

Effective resource management, project allocation, time tracking to track time spent on tasks.
Get instant feedback, share ideas, create workgroups and engage your employees.

Invoice and budget management

Manage estimates, contacts, and invoices seamlessly. Create and send professional invoices.
Expense management to track
income Vs expenses

seamless communication

Focused communication and real-time updates. Send personalized, text and email reminders. An internal social network lets you collaborate easier, faster and more efficiently. Updated Whatsapp integration.

Business Insights

Dynamic reports to get clear insights. Your business goals are planned and tracked with respect to time, effort and money.

Stand out and make a difference!

Businesses that strive to manage 'Time and Money' effectively are the ones who stand out!

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