Our aim is to foster innovation and creative thinking among students, homemakers, professionals, start-up communities and small businesses across the globe and help it build.

We staff resources, host internal coding sessions, design business models, build MVPs (minimum viable products), hire business development managers, and run very effective marketing campaigns during your ventures’ pre- and post-launch phases.

We value time and in your efforts to progress. Our team has high attention to detail and is dedicated to support any idea without any mental/physical barriers.

We wanted to address a few common barriers faced/feared my most.

  • I just have an idea and not sure if it turns into a profitable business
  • Everybody has ideas, which feels like a life changing solution to a great problem. Often, many ideas are also lost in the memory bank, which only surface after seeing a similar solution launched by others.
    We suggest not keeping your ideas to yourself, but encourage you to discuss them with your immediate family, friends and even strangers for unbiased opinions. Alternatively, our program ‘RENT A BRAIN’ assists you with this.
  • It may cost a lot for me to validate my idea in the real world
  • Not always! Validating an idea has many phases. Often, validation requires a lot of research, which involves time. So to say, it costs time more than your money. We encourage you to spend quality brain time and energy on your idea while also to seek support from professional research teams to quickly arrive at an understanding. Buy us just a beer for every hour of support to get your idea validated with our research team. Visit our service ‘IDEA VALIDATION/RESEARCH’ to know more.
  • Building a product or taking my idea online may be expensive
  • Your Idea/Service/Product/Website is live and online with just a few clicks. Thanks to the wonderful free tools available online. However, a more professional approach to the same may gain an advantage to you and your business. With us, it may only cost you only a pizza for every hour we invest our technology and resources onto your project. Our program ‘Quick Prototype Development (MVP)’ assists you to accomplish this task in style!
  • Capital investment and cost for resources
  • Setting up a fully furnished office and hiring resources does involve a lot of capital and recurring investments. We encourage you to keep your costs low, all through the phases of your business development. Get unmatched advantage by setting up a virtual office in India with us, where skilled professionals report directly to you on daily schedules/timelines. Visit our ‘Hire IT/Non-IT Staff’ services page to know more.